Anniversary in Manuel Antonio

(I’ve been slacking in the blogging department. Here’s catch-up post one of two (maybe three). -Andy)

Emily and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on January 24th with a weekend trip to Manuel Antonio. We left Penny and Theda at home with a pet sitter and realized that it was our first trip without them since our honeymoon in Belize. It offered the tiniest of glimpses into what parents must feel like when they vacation without their kids: we experienced a strange feeling of freedom, worried a bit about what the dogs were up to, and enjoyed not having to hurry home after going out to dinner.

On the eve of our anniversary, we checked into our hotel, grabbed lunch, then headed to the beach. This is probably the most touristy beach setting we’ve been to here in Costa Rica — we were able to rent chairs and order drinks while sitting under an umbrella on the beach. While we sat, we were offered the chance to buy all sorts of things by intrepid entrepreneurs: cigars, ocarinas, wood carvings, etc. We also spotted folks parasailing, and decided that we’d do that the next day.


A dork and his beautiful wife.


Not us, but we swear we did it. Totally awesome.

That night, we were pleased to find out that our favorite restaurant in Sámara, El Lagarto, has another location near Manuel Antonio. We didn’t make it early enough, but I highly recommend grabbing a drink here, watching the sunset, then digging into some awesome grilled seafood or meats.

We went to Manuel Antonio before our parasailing adventure. It was hot and busy at the park, so I’d recommend arriving early in the morning and visiting on a weekday. Emily was smart and planned on swimming at the beaches, so she found some relief from the heat that way. Through all of the sweat, we saw these awesome animals!







All in all, it was a great trip. I’m looking forward to many years of adventurous anniversaries with Emily!

One thought on “Anniversary in Manuel Antonio

  1. Love the pictures! Congratulations and many years of happiness. We had such a wonderful time visiting with you both. Costa Rica is a beautiful country.


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